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Community Spotlight

Each month CCNV will be spotlighting someone in our community who has gone above and beyond to help, donate or are just an amazing individual in our eyes.


Tim Terrell

Tim Terrell, the owner of Caffe della Valle in Saint Helena, is our March spotlight! He was the first one to dive right in and host a day at his amazing cafe, and we asked if he would be willing to give a portion of his proceeds to CCNV (thinking 5, 10 maybe 15%) and he (without hesitation) stepped and and graciously donated 50%.

It’s friends like Tim in our community, that support us, so we can help those in need. We are so thankful to Tim and his amazing staff. If you haven’t been, we strongly suggest checking out his quaint cafe, that serves the best coffee, and lunch or dinner….his wine and beer list is exceptional as well.


Caffe Della Valle

1142 Main St., St. Helena


Thank you so much Tim for being such a rockstar, your donation helped a lot of patients in Napa county currently in treatment for cancer💗

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