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Community Spotlight

Each month CCNV will be spotlighting someone in our community who has gone above and beyond to help, donate or are just an amazing individual in our eyes.


Kendall Pollart

We met in November of 1998. You weren’t even born yet but I knew you. You “officially” arrived in March of 1999 baby blonde hair and blue eye, It was love at first sight. Fast forward to days of disco dancing in your basement, riding in your car, and who can forget the many Snapchat video’s we made . Then you graduated from college and went onto London, only to come home due to Covid closing down the world.


I was so proud of the way you accepted the chaos life threw at you with such grace and moved forward, going as far as moving to Maine for a year while you navigated your future. Your visit to California was an epic adventure I will cherish for the rest of my life. We laughed so much setting up the “resort” in my backyard, taking you to Ana’s Cantina for the first time, and introducing you to my world.


When I was diagnosed with cancer, you’ll never know how much your daily/weekly calls provided a lifeline for me while I went through treatment after treatment.


When I took over running Crush Cancer Napa Valley in October of 2022 I asked if you could help me. Without a moments thought, you jumped in and helped me stay afloat as we both learned the ins and outs of running a nonprofit. I could not have done all this without your help.
But now it’s your turn to fly. You are headed back to London for part deux and to take on the next chapter of your amazing, brilliant future.
Kendall Dorothy Pollart, I love you to the moon and stars, always and forever. I’m so proud to have a front seat to see where you go next are and what you will conquer.

Your favorite Auntie E

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