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Helpful Books

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Many persons with cancer, and their loved ones, have found these books

to be helpful as they navigate the cancer journey.


  • "The China Study”, T. Colin Campbell, PhD, Thomas Campbell II, MD

  • “How Not to Die”, Michael Greger, MD, FACLM

  • “UnDo It!: How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases”, Dean Ornish, MD and Anne Ornish

  • “The Spectrum: A Scientifically Proven Program to Feel Better, Live Longer, Lose Weight, and Gain Health”, Dean Ornish, MD

  • “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual”, Michael Pollan

  • “In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto”, Michael Pollan

  • “Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health”, Gene Stone, T. Colin Campbell, et al.


Self-Care / Recovery:

  • “Healing Your Life, Healing Your Cancer”, David Cliness, PhD

  • “The Anatomy of Hope”, Jerome Groopman, MD

  • “You Can Fight for Your Life”, Lawrence LeShan, PhD

  • “Cancer as a Turning Point”, Lawrence LeShan, PhD

  • “Enjoy Every Sandwich: Living Each Day As If It Were Your Last”, Lee Lipsenthal, MD

  • “Fighting Cancer from Within”, Martin L Rossman, MD

  • "Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson", Joan Borysenko, PhD

  • "Minding the Body, Mending the Mind", Joan Borysenko, PhD

  • "The Power of the Mind to Heal", Joan Borysenko. PhD

  • "Forgive for Good", Fredrick Luskin, PhD


Talking with Children About Cancer and Illness:

  • “Jeannie Ann’s Grandma Has Breast Cancer”, Diane Davies

  • “Someone I Love Is Sick: Helping very young children cope with cancer in the family”, Kathleen McCue, MA, LSW, CCLS

  • “What Happens When Someone I Love has Cancer”, Sara Olsher

  • “Cancer Party!”, Sara Olsher (Explains cancer, chemo and radiation to kids in a totally non-scary way)

  • “The Little Soul and the Sun”, Neale Donald Walsch (understanding why bad things happen)


Talking with Children about Death:

  • “When Dinosaurs Die: A guide to understanding death”, Laurie Brown and Marc Brown (ages 3-8)

  • “The Next Place”, Warren Hanson (ages 5 and up)

  • “Lifetimes: A beautiful way to explain death to children”, Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen (ages 3-6)

  • “Something Very Sad Happened: A toddler’s guided to understanding death”, Bonnie Zucker and Kim Fleming (ages 2-4)

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